About “In Your Dreams!”

(a contemporary romance novel)

A British actor whose greatest ambition is to achieve “Hollywood A-List” status lives the playboy life, to get publicity that will help him achieve it. His mother, also an actor, wants him to marry a wealthy family friend with Royal connections. His agent wants him to be single forever, to tantalize his growing female fan base. And those fans have their own ideas.

But at 42, he’s tired of shallow relationships, and falls for an unconventional, older American who’s had so many dead-end relationships, she won’t trust any man with her heart. It takes him a year to convince her to take one last chance on love. Shortly after,  his agent and Mum convince him she’s not the kind of woman the industry wants to see with leading men, and marrying her could cost him his shot at stardom.Academy Award known as "Oscar"

Now he must decide whether to do what he’s always done — whatever the industry wants —or  stand up to Hollywood’s (and his mother’s) expectations. The former will cost him the private life he wants with a woman he loves, and the latter could cost him the professional status he’s worked 20 years to achieve.

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