“Dana Michaels’ debut novel, In Your Dreams, is the fresh escapist air we need right now. Michaels rescues us from the photo-shopped, click-bait stories of today’s social media, and drops us into a better world that applauds intellect, manners and self-restraint.

Though a rom-com, In Your Dreams disrupts popular notions of romance and sexual tension. It is the story of Jamie Knight and Kat Mancini and their unlikely affair. Jamie is a wildly famous British actor (think High Grant or Benedict Cumberbatch) and Kat is a smart spokeswoman for the California Department of Fish and Game.

Kat is the antithesis of the type of woman who, looking for her own fame, orbits Jamie as he traverses the world of global celebrity. Unlike these shallow creatures, Kat recoils from Jamie’s sizzle because she knows it is superfluous, even dangerous. She is a woman who cultivates the unassailable and timeless virtues of interior beauty. Kat is picky, no fool, and her code of honor (softened by delightful wit and humor) pierces Mr. Knight’s armor where sleazy decoupages cannot.

As we follow Kat and Jamie from London to Los Angeles to Sacramento, the plot, fueled by Kat’s refreshing point of view, keeps us turning pages, seeking the denouement of Michaels’ cunning tale of a smart woman’s heart.”  —Madame P