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In Your Dreams!

Dreams Series: Book 1

Middle-aged Californian Katerina Mancini gave up on romance years ago and will never give another man a chance to break her heart. Not even a friendly Brit with a silky-smooth voice she could listen to all day… and all night!

She is independent and self-sufficient, a fairly successful government public affairs officer who likes her job. Also a part-time musician who doesn’t look her age, Kat hates dressing-up and lives in blue jeans and athletic shoes. She is content to have a safe, predictable life with her cats and friends.

A few years younger and also single, stylish British actor Jamie Knight lives a playboy life. He’s not famous yet, but his mother—once a star of British films and TV—is. Jamie didn’t land his first starring role until he was 43, and he’s determined to catch up with Mum. He’ll do almost anything to win an Academy Award and achieve A-List status in Hollywood to prove he’s as good as she is.

When fate draws Kat’s name in a sweepstakes and sends her to London for a tour of television filming locations, she’s not interested in meeting an actor reputed to be a sexist womanizer. But when she does, Jamie seems nothing like the cad his P.R. says he is. Still, he’s undoubtedly a heartache looking for a place to happen, and she’s not naïve enough to be attracted to someone like him, even if she hadn’t sworn-off romantic entanglements.

Jamie’s tired of dating for publicity. But he’s gun shy after being used for his posh family’s prestige. He wishes someone would love him just for himself—not his career or income. Or Mum. An American he met at a museum event—Katerina—seemed like that kind of woman, but she made it clear she wasn’t interested in him. Still, after that chance meeting and a few hours together, she keeps popping into his thoughts.

So he tries to see her when he’s in California, and the better he gets to know her, the faster he’s falling. Despite the 5,000 miles between them and their disparate social status and wardrobes, Jamie is about to turn Kat’s comfortable, emotionally-stable life upside-down and weaken her resolve—for better or for worse.

What Readers Are Saying

“I truly enjoyed reading In Your Dreams!. I love the later-in-life romance and the way the relationship between Kat and Jamie grows. The fits and starts are believable and so is the amount of time—especially for someone like Jamie. I totally fell in love with Kat and I like that this isn’t typical, immediate-fall-in-love romance. The long timeline works for these two.” — Award Winning Contemporary Romance Author Lizbeth Selvig

“Dana Michaels’ debut novel, In Your Dreams, is the fresh escapist air we need right now. Michaels rescues us from the photo-shopped, click-bait stories of today’s social media, and drops us into a better world that applauds intellect, manners and self-restraint.

Though a rom-com, In Your Dreams disrupts popular notions of romance and sexual tension. It is the story of Jamie Knight and Kat Mancini and their unlikely affair. Jamie is a wildly famous British actor (think High Grant or Benedict Cumberbatch) and Kat is a smart spokeswoman for the California Department of Fish and Game.

Kat is the antithesis of the type of woman who, looking for her own fame, orbits Jamie as he traverses the world of global celebrity. Unlike these shallow creatures, Kat recoils from Jamie’s sizzle because she knows it is superfluous, even dangerous. She is a woman who cultivates the unassailable and timeless virtues of interior beauty. Kat is picky, no fool, and her code of honor (softened by delightful wit and humor) pierces Mr. Knight’s armor where sleazy decoupages cannot.

As we follow Kat and Jamie from London to Los Angeles to Sacramento, the plot, fueled by Kat’s refreshing point of view, keeps us turning pages, seeking the denouement of Michaels’ cunning tale of a smart woman’s heart.”  —Madame P

In Your Dreams! is a gripping story about two people who do not seem to belong together but somehow fit perfectly. I rooted for Jamie and Kat to find their Happily Ever After in spite of the odds against them. A thoroughly satisfying read.” — Award Winning Author Alicia Dean