Welcome to my Author Webpage!

Thank you for helping me polish my contemporary romance, In Your Dreams! before I send it to a professional editor. Yes, the exclamation point is part of the title, and it should drip with sarcasm, the way you might reply if someone says you’re sure to win a big Lottery jackpot.

These blog posts are DRAFT chapters of my novel for you to preview and critique. Please tell me if you have trouble following the story,  characters seem unbelievable, you find typos, misspelling or grammatical errors, if there’s something that needs more explanation to understand, or I’ve explained too much, repeated something too often, etc.

This is my first attempt at fiction, so it’s sure to need improvement!

You’ll notice in dialogue, the British characters use British slang and idioms that may be unfamiliar. One difference is that Americans refer to an organization as if it’s one person, while the Brits refer to organizations in plural terms.  So a sentence like “The museum don’t want to pay for extra security” is bad grammar in American English, but it’s correct in British (because the museum are people, who don’t want to…). It bugs me every time I see it, but characters’ words must be in their native dialects.

I’m looking forward to reading your constructive feedback in the Comments or by e-mail to CalWriter2@gmail.com (my writing-only account). All 41 chapters are posted, now. (Don’t worry; some are quite short.)

Access to these drafts is for your use only. Please do not share this URL, the password, or draft material with anyone. It’s Not Ready For Prime Time! (But it is copyrighted.)

THANK YOU very much for helping me make the first book in a “Dreams” trilogy better than I ever could, alone!


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